Bitcoin Mixing and Tumbling Service for 100% Anonymous Transactions

BestMixer is a bitcoin mixing and tumbling service that, for the first time in crypto history offers genuine and comprehensive bitcoin transaction anonymity. 

One of the important aspects of cryptocurrencies is that they offer you full ownership of your funds without a bank any longer controlling your funds. However, ownership comes at a cost. Because of its decentralized nature, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible as no trusted third party is involved. So, without complete anonymity and privacy, your funds are always at risk from hackers, cyber criminals and oppressive regimes who might be tracking all your transactions and waiting for the right moment to snatch all your funds.

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A regular user may not be aware of all the technical aspects of cryptocurrency transactions and so, if cryptocurrencies are to be adopted on a wide scale, there’s an absolute need for a service which offers anonymity and security in conducting transactions. And if this service can be provided at a minimal cost, then there’s nothing that would beat that.

BestMixer is a bitcoin mixer which fills this huge gap in the market by offering this service at a floating rate, which means it ensures minimal cost at all times. Although other players similar to BestMixer do exist, most of them offer complete anonymity like BestMixer. This fact poses great risk for users who feel deceptively safe, and, additionally, the competitors all charge a high price for the service. Even the famous but now defunct BitMixer didn’t offer complete anonymity and had several security vulnerabilities. Now, with BestMixer as a bitcoin tumbler service, this huge need for secure and private transactions is going to be fulfilled for the first time, making it a revolutionary development in the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem in a certain sense.

Aside from being a bitcoin mixer, BestMixer also serves as a Litecoin Mixer, Ethereum Mixer and Bitcoin Cash Mixer, which again differentiates BestMixer from other mediocre mixing services. So, BestMixer can be broadly considered a cryptocurrency mixer with more cryptocurrencies expected to be added in future.

BestMixer was started with a motto of ‘protection of your anonymity is our obligation,’ which truly reflects the ethics of the cryptocurrency movement. BestMixer is TOR-friendly and it removes a user’s history automatically within 24 hours of the bitcoin mixing transaction execution. BestMixer ensures anonymous transactions via its mixing and tumbling service, which purposefully breaks the connection between your old and new address by sending your coins to someone else and his corresponding coins to you. Thus, it disguises the source that your coins came from and prevents your transaction history from being tracked.

At the moment of BestMixer launching the important objective parameter to evaluate the performance of BestMixer bitcoin mixing service against its competitors was the CAE (Coin Anonymization Event)-check, which could be used to verify the level of anonymity of your cryptocurrencies. While all the other sub-optimal mixer services were failing the test, in case of BestMixer, true and complete anonymity was easily verifiable earlier and now.

TOR: http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/en
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