Press Release Debuts User-Friendly Bitcoin Mixer with Unmatched Functionality

Bitcoin Chaser - June 4, 2018

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While other bitcoin mixing services have broken promises of anonymity, has quietly developed a game-changing platform for making crypto anonymous again.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s veil of anonymity doesn’t extend to users of cryptocurrencies, but aims to change that with launch of their bitcoin mixer. With affronts to user privacy coming from seemingly every direction, the importance of protecting the anonymity of cryptocurrency investors couldn’t be greater.

A glaringly false assumption made by most enthusiastic crypto investors is that since their name isn’t directly attached to their blockchain-based wallet, their identity and the coins they own must somehow be anonymous. This couldn’t be further from the truth and the recent hacks of high-profile crypto industry leaders such as Youtube stars Ian Balina and Philakone expose a dark truth about crypto: Every user who hasn’t taken steps to anonymize themselves and their currency is vulnerable to cybercriminals and government-backed blockchain analysis startups such as Chainalysis.

“Each user in a Blockchain network has at least one alias, which is a receiving address. As long as the receiving address is associated with an individual, its ownerʼs financial activity can be traced in the public registry of transactions,” warn the team. “Most financial services require clients to provide identification documents in order to use their services. Even if you use cryptocurrency only for purchasing physical goods, you will still need to provide certain personal information like your delivery address, name, and contact information.”

In the long tail of data left behind by every user, there is more than enough information for cybercriminals and law enforcement agencies alike to track and target users. Bitcoin mixer has created a bitcoin laundry that takes users’ unwashed coins and sends them through one of three pools (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), resulting in clean bitcoin that can’t be traced using any method available.

“Mixing bitcoins is an exchange of your coins to the appropriate amount from another source. To paraphrase, it is the disguising of where your coins have come from, and this makes it impossible to study your digital track,” write the team. “On a global scale, to maintain the best level of anonymity you need to mix your coins every time you are going to send or receive them from a new source.”

Bitcoin mixer uses several novel techniques for disguising users’ coins. For the Alpha and Beta pools, users pay an industry-low service fee (0.5% for the Alpha pool, a fee which decreases with subsequent use) and are given a code that they can apply during their next visit. Applying the code ensures that users do not get back any of the original coins from the first mix, meaning their anonymity remains intact.

The Gamma pool, on the other hand, features first-in-class anonymity by sourcing all of its coins from the private reserves and from investors’ coins. Coins issued from the Gamma pool resist even the most sophisticated blockchain analysis and is recommended for those needing the utmost anonymity available. A mixing strength meter is featured on the user panel regardless of the pool chosen allowing for users to be assured that they’ve correctly mixed their coins. Find out why users are calling the best bitcoin mixer available by watching this short Youtube video, available in an assortment of languages.


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