If you need to mix your bitcoins, you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to get started, or completing a lengthy registration process. There is an easy way to mix your bitcoins in a few clicks.

With BestMixer.io, it’s as easy as clicking on the ‘Start Mixing’ button on their home page, filling in the details of what you want to mix and how you want to do it, and you’re on your way. These easy steps must surely mean that BestMixer.io is the best bitcoin tumbler around.

Just because it is so easy to get going with BestMixer.io does not mean that the service has skimped on security, or making sure your transaction is anonymous. If anything, BestMixer.io has gone to great lengths to ensure that your anonymity is guaranteed and the transaction can’t be tracked by advances blockchain forensic tools. Being the fastest bitcoin mixer is merely the cherry on top of a long list of impressive features.

When BestMixer Bitcoin Tumbler was launched, they developed a utility known as Coin Anonymization Event (CAE) check to make sure that their bitcoin transactions could not be traced. When they ran these checks against established bitcoin mixing services that were promising their users anonymity, most of these services failed the test. Although these services have since improved their anonymity and are no longer vulnerable, the fact remains that they promised their users anonymous transactions, but did not deliver.

Some useful features of the best bitcoin mixer to secure each transaction

Apart from being the fastest bitcoin mixer, each transaction is secure and BestMixer has built redundancies into their systems that ensure anonymity. It is simply not possible for anyone to access bitcoin information, or determine the parties between whom bitcoins are exchanged.

Some of these security features include:

  • No user details required on either end of the transaction
  • Up to 10 receiving addresses may be used
  • Tor-compatible version of their website
  • Transfers distributed to tenths of a percentage point
  • Built-in delays up to minutes
  • SSL security
  • Service fees use floating miner fees and are broken down to up to thousandths of a percent

To maintain their reputation for being the best bitcoin tumbler, BestMixer.IO has added a number of features that help users make the most of the service:

  • Support for multiple languages
  • A video tutorial that guides users how to mix bitcoins correctly
  • An industry first Mixing Strength Meter to assist new users to determine how strong their mix is in terms of anonymity

BestMixer.IO has also recently launched a module that provides 3 types of reserves for mixing.

The Alpha pool functions in the traditional way and reserves for payments to new clients are made up from coins coming from other clients. Large-scale transactions in the Alpha pool, in turn, feed the Beta pool, which is then supplemented from private reserves and investors' coins. Gamma pool reserves are formed only from private reserves and attracting investors' coins.

As the maintenance of the Beta and Gamma pools is expensive, the service fees for these are slightly higher than those of the Alpha pool are.

If you want to use the fastest bitcoin tumbler while being sure that your cryptocurrency transactions won’t be traced, BestMixer.io is the only way to go. While others make empty promises and only react when challenged, BestMixer’s goal is to ensure complete anonymity, and they will do whatever it takes.