Use a Bitcoin Laundry to Hide Your True Identity

A compelling reason to use bitcoin is its capability of sending payments in a much faster manner than traditional methods. Because bitcoin is decentralized, it does not need a centralized institution on the other side of the world to settle the payment. However, for users to cash out or buy bitcoin, they are required to give up their true identities in the process.

With increasing regulation worldwide, it is becoming more difficult to hide your true identity from regulators who are trying to take a cut of your bitcoin wealth. The best method available to wash away your tracks is by using a trusted bitcoin laundry platform.

How a Bitcoin Laundry Works

A bitcoin laundry is a digital cleaning station that allows users to rinse away all the footprints that lead to their true identities. This simple, yet effective method is your best bet in throwing off blockchain analysis groups that are hard at work at connecting your bitcoin wallet to your identity.

Blockchain analysis groups are contracted by government agencies to unveil all digital asset holders so that revenue agencies will be able to efficiently tax investors. Your tracks began during your account set up at a major exchange such as Coinbase and will continue forever unless you use a bitcoin laundry.

A bitcoin laundry anonymizes bitcoin through a unique method. A digital pool that the platform operates is filled with their clients’ bitcoin. This bitcoin is completely pulverized and is then rearranged so that the end result is a brand new and untraceable bitcoin. By taking bits and pieces from many bitcoin, a bitcoin laundry sufficiently breaks the link of your old bitcoin.

Your new bitcoin no longer associated with its previous history on the blockchain. If blockchain analysis groups were tracking your movements, they would suddenly find themselves looking at a disappearing act. While they’re scratching their heads, you’re completely relieved knowing that you no longer need to worry about prying eyes trying to report you to revenue agencies.

How to Use a Bitcoin Laundry

Now that you have a clear idea of the benefits of using a bitcoin laundry, the next step is to choose a professional service. Head over to, and you can begin the laundry service immediately.

Make sure you have a VPN installed to throw off your internet provider further. Once you land on the site, click the bitcoin icon. You’ll be provided with a one-time use address where you can send your bitcoin. Once the bitcoin network confirms your transaction, your bitcoin will be sent to a pool to begin the cleaning process.
This process will be done in no time, and you will be given an estimated time of when your bitcoin will be sent back to you. Once the process is completed, you will be able to verify that your bitcoin is, in fact, cleaned and brand new with a unique code that provided you.

Once done, you can send your completely anonymous bitcoin to a personal wallet. Remember, never send this bitcoin back to a previously used address or centralized exchange. Now you can rest assured that your true identity is safe and your bitcoin wealth is out of the grip of regulators watching your every move.

[October 23, 2018 08:42 UTC-0]