Do the Bitcoin Shuffle to Keep Your Crypto Gains

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not someone is going to come knocking on your door one day commanding you to pay up on your cryptocurrency gains, you’re not far off.

Blockchain analysis firms such as Chainalysis are working arm-in-arm with the IRS and European tax agencies to identify who owns what on the blockchain, leading to a near-future in which current cryptocurrency users are tomorrow’s big tax payers.

Now, it isn’t only tax agencies who are looking for you. Cybercriminals and law enforcement officials would love nothing more than to know exactly who you are - and with the publicly available information on blockchains, it isn’t so hard to figure that out.

That’s why it’s more important now than at any other time in the past to use a bitcoin shuffle like to anonymize your cryptocurrency wealth and blockchain identity.

How to Do the Bitcoin Shuffle

Doing the bitcoin shuffle is easier than you may think. It all starts with using a trusted bitcoin mixer like Once you’ve logged on to the site, you’ll be given an array of options for customizing your experience.

What exactly is the purpose of bitcoin shuffle services like Basically, the shuffler, or mixing engine, takes your trackable bitcoin and turns it into untraceable bitcoin that can’t be followed by authorities, blockchain analysis algorithms, or hackers.

The way it does so is by permanently breaking the link between your old bitcoin address and your new bitcoin address. Anyone trying to follow your trail will reach an insurmountable dead end and will have no place left to turn. This results in peace of mind for you and your blockchain wealth – no more looking over your shoulder or wondering if one day you’ll get that ominous letter in the mail from a government agency.

So, back to the ordering page. Now that you’ve selected the time delay you prefer (this helps to throw off blockchain analysis algorithms), choose which pool suits you best.

Bitcon mixer pools work taking your bitcoin, mixing them up with the coins of others, then sending you back coins that didn’t originally belong to you. The Gamma pool takes this concept a step further by only giving you coins that come from private reserves and investor coins, giving you real, certified, and accountable tokens that have zero chance of being tracked by authorities using advanced analysis methods.

After depositing your bitcoin to the one-time use deposit address that is good for a 24-hour period, wait for a few confirmations before the mixer takes over. After it finishes its work, you’ll have clean bitcoin sent to your receiving address.

After a few simple steps, you’ve officially done the bitcoin shuffle and are well on your way to complete freedom and anonymity on the blockchain, a rarified and special place that is virtually unoccupied.

[October 20, 2018 09:24 UTC-0]