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Volume (24h) A New Bitcoin Mixer Enters Market

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on May 23, 2018 Press Releases

5/21/2018 –, a bitcoin mixer, has made its entry into the cryptocurrency mixer market.

Cryptocurrency mixers, also known as bitcoin mixers or bitcoin tumblers, serve the purpose of breaking connections between coin senders and coin receivers

The idea is to provide coin owners with privacy since all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on the blockchain registry. The privacy is achieved through the mixing of coins, which prevents the tracking of information such as where the coins are stored, sent, or received from.

BestMixer does the same by taking a sender’s coins and shuffling them in a pool. Once this is done, the mixer then sends back random coins from other depositors to the sender. Due to the different origins of the coins, tracing becomes impossible.

To put it simply, the connection between a sender’s old and new address is broken when their coins are sent to other people and when other people’s coins are sent back to the sender. Their video colorfully illustrates this: takes things further by offering 100 percent anonymity, which other bitcoin mixers in the market are yet to master. Other than that, the new bitcoin mixer also tumbles a range of cryptocurrencies. This includes bitcoin cash, Ethereum‘s ether, litecoin, and bitcoin.

Key Features and Strengths

BestMixer’s servers are located in reliable data centers, which protects them from any type of impact. The mixer is also Tor-friendly and boasts SSL certification.

Order histories are removed 24 hours after all mixing conditions have been met. This is followed up with stringent security and privacy policies that allow for the provision of 100 percent anonymity.

Protection is offered against the return of old coins in the next mixing. Up to ten receiving addresses can be specified and the distribution of transfers to receiving addresses is exceed using tenths of a percent. Users also benefit from accurate presets of the service fee up to thousandths of a percent.

Accurate transfer delay presets are achieved in minutes for every single receiving address.

BestMixer is supported by a robust mobile version as well.

Mixing Pools

There are three mixing pools that users can choose from, namely Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

The Alpha pool is a traditional pool that operates using the ‘Client <——> Client’ scheme. Here, reserves for the client are formed using coins from other clients. This is the standard approach to mixing.

The Beta pool forms reserves using private reserves, investors’ coins, and large-scale transactions from the Alpha pool. This results in the creation of larger reserves.

The Gamma pool’s reserves are formed of private reserves and investors’ coins. The pool mainly caters to clients who want anonymity, but also want to ensure their coins come from reliable sources.

Future Plans

BestMixer will soon be adding a ‘Partnership Program’ and also, introducing a video and audio tutorial for users.

There are plans to modify the Support service module by including an interactive chatbot.

Other than that, the bitcoin tumbler intends to launch a NoJS version of the site, add support for more coins (especially Ethereum-based), and boost system reserves.


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